Space can become a symbol of comfort when sparrow provides new ideas for decorating your home with special format like 325x250mm,300x200mm in wall
which seem to enlarge available space and enhance the concept of living quality.

Sparrow tiles products floor  & wall tiles, with more than 10,000 designs and in various sizes. Our innovations never stop and all products are being produced strictly in accordance with international and national standards of India. Every phase of the production process is carried out in its whole using advanced technology, in order to guarantee maximum precision obtaining an unbeatable quality.

Sparrow tiles in a dominant position in the competitive market resulting from its pricing strategy and persistence in quality.


Looking to the future sparrow tiles will go hand in hand with all walks of life to create a beautiful tomorrow for modern architectural and decorative ceramic industry based on creating life culture and focusing on personal and insisting in the spirit of providing excellent tile with solid work.

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